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Гидроподъемники, самоходные леса, автовышки от компании "URALTRUCKS" Автокраны, самоходные краны от компании "URALTRUCKS" Автокраны, башенные краны, гусеничные краны от компании "URALTRUCKS"


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How we can do it?

   Our company executes operations for export-import since 1993. For this time we worked with Europe, Asia, Africa, South America. We can both to sell the crane and to deliver it in any point of the world. Our specialists can inspect any crane to give skilled estimation of it condition. First, we doing selection from several cranes. Second, we doing inspection of best offer. Only after this we offer crane for client. Our partners haves old relationships with big building companies of Europe and haves best offers from they. We can find any crane in period up to 3 months. Any crane! We can offer new cranes and we can offer used cranes in good and very good condition. We haves base of offers ~ 1000 cranes per day. In this base are cranes with capacity from 20 up to 1200 ton. Besides we can help you with lease of the crane of big capacity (over 300 ton), our partners render such services.
   Crane delivery begins with conclusion of contract. As a rule the seller of the crane asks deposit from 10 to 20 percent from cost. After entering of the deposit we organyze logistics of the crane and we prepare delivery of the crane for the client. You can control all process of delivery - loading/unloading of crane, completeness of the crane, shipping of crane.
  You want know: why we sell cranes? We many time sell differring technics from Germany. For this time we have got much reliable partners - an agents on sale of cranes. Our partners and our company can do any delivery in any point of world. And the main thing that our cranes always are in maximum best condition, even the useds! We don't sell cheap things, we sell the best cranes.
  Also we will glad co-operate with agents of building companies, ports, plants. We can offer best prices for wholesale customers as for new such and for used cranes.

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