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Гусеничные краны, драглайны из Германии

  The given site is a portal part URALTRUCKS . We have decided to allocate our site on sale of cranes for the best access to it. In the given site you can familiarise with our possibilities on delivery of all terrain cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes, hydraulic lifts, accompanying technics and parts from Germany.

In present time we can supply from Germany up to any point of the world:
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All terrain & crawler cranes from Company "URALTRUCKS"

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  Phones: (+7-343)-319-16-24 Fax: (+7-343)-70-91939
All terrain cranes Demag, Faun, Grove, Krupp, Liebherr, Terex with capacity from 20 up to 1200 ton

All terrain cranes

We can offer many types of all terrain cranes from best brands. We offers unused and used cranes with good and best condition with delivery worldwide.

Crawler cranes Demag, Hitachi, Liebherr, Manitowoc, Terex.

Crawler cranes

We have specialists for selection of any configurations of crawler cranes. We can offer cranes for sale or rent. We can deliver cranes in any port or any city of any country.

Truck cranes Liebherr, Sennebogen, Tadano, Terex

Truck cranes

We offers truck cranes from Germany and any Russian brands. We can offer brand new cranes and used cranes with inspection and with service.

Montage cranes MKG, Hiab on chassis of lorries.

Truck mounted cranes

We can offer trucks mounted cranes and lifts from Germany and other European countries. We guaranties high quality of offers and good prices.

Harbour port cranes Demag, Gottwald, Konecranes, Liebherr, TAKRAF

Harbour cranes

We can offer many harbour lifting equipment. We can offer brand new cranes and used cranes and overhauled cranes. We can deliver cranes worldwide.

All terrain cranes Demag All terrain cranes Faun All terrain cranes Grove All terrain cranes Liebherr Crawler cranes Manitowoc Crawler cranes Sennebogen All terrain cranes Tadano Crawler cranes Terex

   Crawler cranes:   

Demag CC 400
Demag CC 600
Demag CC 1500(3)
Demag CC 1800(3)
Demag CC 2000(1)
Demag CC 2200(1)
Demag CC 2400(2)
Demag CC 2500(1)
Demag CC 2800(5)
Demag CC 4200
Demag CC 5800
Demag CC 6800(2)
Demag CC 8800
Demag CC 9800

Kobelco CKE 700
Kobelco CKE 800(2)
Kobelco CKE 2500(3)
Kobelco CKE 4000(1)
Kobelco CKE 6000(1)

Liebherr HS 843(1)
Liebherr HS 855(3)
Liebherr HS 873(1)
Liebherr HS 883(2)
Liebherr LR 1100(2)
Liebherr LR 1130(1)
Liebherr LR 1160(5)
Liebherr LR 1200(4)
Liebherr LR 1250(2)
Liebherr LR 1300(2)
Liebherr LR 1400(2)
Liebherr LR 1550(1)
Liebherr LR 1600
Liebherr LR 1750(6)
Liebherr LTR 11200
Liebherr LR 11350(3)

Manitowoc 10000
Manitowoc 16000(3)

Manitowoc 18000(2)
Manitowoc 21000(1)

Sennebogen 3300(1)
Sennebogen 4400(1)
Sennebogen 5500(5)

Terex HC 60
Terex HC 110(1)
Terex HC 165(1)
Terex HC 230(1)
Terex HC 275(2)

Tadano GTC-600
Tadano GTC-800

Grove GHC-30
Grove GHC-50
Grove GHC-55
Grove GHC-75
Grove GHC-130

 Mobil tower cranes: 

Liebherr MK 80(4)
Liebherr MK 100(1)
Liebherr MK 120

Spierings SK 488(1)
Spierings SK 598(1)

 Tower cranes: 

Liebherr 71 EC(1)
Liebherr 90 EC(1)
Liebherr 110 EC(1)
Liebherr 112 EC(3)
Liebherr 130 EC(1)
Liebherr 132 EC(1)
Liebherr 140 EC(1)
Liebherr 154 EC(1)
Liebherr 160 EC(2)
Liebherr 180 EC(2)
Liebherr 250 EC(1)
Liebherr 280 EC(2)

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